Saturday, June 2, 2007

Military Museums

The Portuguese Army has several military museums around the country. In the city of Coimbra - known for its ancient and prestiged University and academic tradition - the military museum has a representative collection of the armoured vehicles and tanks which served in this military branch. Here're some photographs.

An impressive M47 Patton main battle tank. Portugal was the first NATO country, after the United States, to recieved this tank (Coimbra, 2005).

A Panhard EBR vehicle armed with a 75mm caliber gun mounted in a FL 11 turret. Portugal was the only operator of the transport version, the Panhard ETT. One vehicle is also presented in the military museum (Coimbra, 2005).

A look at the collection of anti-aircraft guns of the museum (Coimbra, 2005).

It's a good place to visit if you pass by Coimbra. But, for the enthusiasts of armoured vehicles, the museum of Saumur, in France, is, of course, the main reference.

Pedro Monteiro

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