Monday, April 27, 2009

Gazela, Leopardo and Pantera: The history of the familiy of Portuguese military trucks (1)

On its May issue, the Portuguese magazine Motor Clássico publishes the first part of a work covering the history of the Portuguese family of military trucks. This family of vehicles, developed by the same company which produced the Chaimite armoured vehicle, included the Gazela, Leopardo and Pantera trucks.

The work is partially based on some interviews and documents from the Chaimite research project.
The first part of the article covers the origin of this family of vehicles, the development of their projects as well as the beginning of production of the Gazela and Leopardo trucks which were later deployed by the Portuguese military on operations in Africa. The May issue also covers the projects of the Comando Mk I light vehicle and Tigre Mk II and Comando Mk III armoured vehicles with new material, informations and photos.

Pedro Monteiro

Onboard the N.R.P. "Côrte-Real" frigate

Some photographies from a report made onboard the Portuguese Navy frigate N.R.P. "Côrte-Real" ("Vasco da Gama" class, Meko 200PN). This is one of the three ships received by Portugal by the 1990s.
The ship was then participating on the naval exercise Instrex 082 with the Super Lynx helicopters from the Esquadrilha de Helicópteros da Marinha (EHM, Navy Helicopter Squadron). Currently it is participating on the NATO’s anti-piracy mission in Somalia.

My acknowledges for the collaboration given by all the crew during the report made onboard. Good winds for them!

Pedro Monteiro