Sunday, August 17, 2008

EHM: Sailing across the skies

The August issue of the Portuguese magazine "Vega" (you can check their website here) brings a report about the Esquadrilha de Helicópteros da Marinha (EHM, Navy Helicopter Squadron) as part of my collaboration with such publication.

Such work includes images from the Instrex 08 military exercise as well as several details about the future of the squad. Besides, the articles from the magazine include a full English version.

Pedro Monteiro

Pristina 082: Portugal prepares a new peacekeeping mission in Kosovo

In 2007, the Pristina 072 (see report here) was the final exercise of the portuguese force before being deployed in Kosovo.
One year later, the Agrupamento Mike from the Brigada de Intervenção (Intervention Brigade, the medium brigade of the Portuguese Army) was involved on the Pristina 082 which took place in Cabeceiras de Bastos, during the last week of July. The exercise tested the performance of the Portuguese troops on a peacekeeping mission, since they will be part of the KFOR Tactical Reserve Manoueuvre Batalion. The unit of 290 men will replace the Portuguese force deployed in Kosovo in September.

A full report in Portuguese was published, last week, by the Brazilian defence website Defesa Net:

Pedro Monteiro

Cassiopeia: Protecting the law on the waters

The NRP Cassiopeia is a fast patrol craft from the Argos class which entered in service in 1991. Its primary mission is fishing surveillance aimed at combating illegal fishing in the Portuguese coast.

Last July, I have embarked on this vessel as part of a report.

Pedro Monteiro