Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Several Tips to Take Care of Your Pet

            It is common that among various kinds of animals, dog becomes the most popular pet. In order to obey the master’s instruction, it is built dog training and behavior modification. People want their dog to have good relationship with them in daily life. The form of training and modification include exercise, structure and motivational training in which each of them gives different ability to the dog. The basic training that should be given to the dog is obedience training as a basic of leadership building to you to build respect and gain attention from your dog. Aside from that, the training techniques which are employed including motivation, correction and praise to the dog.
            The master usually not only cares about the training of their pet, but they also concern about the appearance of the pet so going to pet shop is a must. The shop usually sells pet food, accessories and clothes. Various kinds of foods made of various meat such as lamb, chicken, vegetable, tuna, etc. The accessories that are sold usually are made for dog or cat including pet collars, cat toys, pet house, pet bed set, pet clothes, pet hoody, pet skirts, pet harness, etc with various prices based on the detail, the uniqueness and the materials that are  used for making those accessories.
            Then, after we train the dog and accessorize it, there is also times when we need dog clippers to shave your dog. There are various kinds of dog clippers that are sold in the market based on the level of thickness of dog’s fur. Choose the right dog clippers that suitable with the type of your dog’s fur. Although the type of dog clippers are various, the way how to use it is common in general. You have to put the blade which is applicable to all kinds of dog clippers. Then, plug the clippers to the PowerPoint and then, you are ready for clipping your dog’s fur.
            After the clipper is ready, put the dog on the table or a board. Comb the dog first to ease the process of clipping and to avoid the fur from tangles. Then, apply the clipper to the dog. Use the clipper in the same direction as the hair growth. Control the clipper in short and try to maintain a quick stroke to get an even cut. After the process of clipping finish, clean the fur by comb through the whole part of dog’s body. 

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