Friday, May 1, 2009

Report: Portuguese Navy receives its first Karel Dorman frigate

The Brazilian defence website Defesa Net has published a report about the arrival to Lisbon of the first of the two frigates from the Karel Dorman class acquired by Portugal to The Netherlands in 2006 in a EUR260 million deal. The ship named Bartolomeu Dias has similar capabilities to the Vasco da Gama class (Meko 200PN) currently in service and it will replace the frigates from the former João Belo class, which was sold to Uuruguay (check here the previous article). The second ship, renamed Francisco de Almeida (F334), will be transferred on November of 2009.
The Karel Doorman class is composed by eight 2,800t multi-purpose frigates, originally operated by the Royal Netherlands Navy. Today the eight ships built during the 1990s are operated by The Netherlands, Belgium, Chile and Portugal.

Bartolomeu Dias multi-purpose frigate (F333) has arrived to the Portuguese capital this Thursday, April 30th, after months of sea trials and crew trainning (Photo: Portuguese Navy).

You can check the full report in Portuguese on the following link:

Pedro Monteiro

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