Thursday, July 10, 2008

Air spotting in Monte Real

Last week I have made a spotting session in the air base of Monte Real, where the Portuguese F-16 fleet is based. In the photos is possible to identify both F-16 OCU from the 201 Sqn. "Falcões" and F-16 MLU from the 301 Sqn. "Jaguares".

This spotting session follows a report, made in last March, about the F-16 fleet along with my Juan Carlos Pando (you can check his website here)

One of the most modern fighters from the fleet is this F-16BM in the M5 configuration. The aircraft belongs to the 301 Sqn. "Jaguares" which operates all the MLU fleet [click to enlarge].

The end of an afternoon mission for a F-16BM from the 301 Sqn. "Jaguares" [click to enlarge].

A low pass of a F-16A OCU from the 201 Sqn. "Falcões" with a low-viz scheme [click to enlarge].

Pedro Monteiro

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